Who You Are is Real

Notice right now, how steady is the stream of thoughts and sensations, emotions, opinions, beliefs, and needs that create the idea of there being a person, an entity that feels real and feels like “me.” Notice the unbroken nature of the stream of these thoughts and sensations that keep coming and coming, always creating and recreating this person and her experience.

It’s the continuous nature of this stream which makes it seem impossible that I could look from my own knowing – from my ever-present, unbroken self – and see that the person is an object, appearing in me, and cannot therefore cause me any grief. That’s the whole problem, isn’t it? The person we think we are is full of grievances, worries, and needs of all kinds. So the recognition of this “person” as merely an object appearing in the unbroken peace that I am, that’s really key. Then the life can just unfold as it will.

Small breaks in the stream of thought will begin to appear if you look for them. It only takes some persistence. Find those spaces in which
you continue to be, while the thoughts creating a person have ceased for a brief moment. And as those spaces are welcomed and enjoyed, the “person idea” becomes clearly an object, known to me. I remain, untouched.

And so it’s the incessant quality of the “person idea” thought stream that can be looked at more closely. Why does the person seem so real? Because the thought stream never stops. The unbrokenness lends a sense of reality. But as soon as the stream is interrupted a little bit here and there, it becomes very obvious that there is something
real that actually is unbroken, in between and underneath the “person thoughts.”

Look for the real – the actual unbroken knowing – and these gaps in thought will appear. Go into these gaps and be. See the person as an object, and you yourself as the unbroken knowing – present, simple, and peaceful.