Longing for that State to Return

I'm just going to post the answer to a question I got today about non-dual visions that stay for a while and then fade:

I'm so glad you wrote me to ask this. What you describe is really common. It's just wonderful that you had those experiences that gave you an indisputable knowing that reality is non-dual. That can never be taken away from you.

The experience always fades, however. It might help you to know that your experience of having a "knowing" that lasts, and then fades, is the most common thing I hear about, and teachers hear about from their students. And we have gone through the same thing, as well. So the point is, what we are doing as seekers is not trying to have a non-dual experience that lasts forever. It's a common misconception that just leads to suffering, and the whole point of what we do is to end suffering, right? So let's look at this a different way. 

After having these experiences, it's necessary to come back to the common feeling of being a separate entity, and bring what you learned from your profound non-dual visions into this most common experience we all have in our daily lives. Because the truth is, after those visions of non-dual reality, your regular life will never be the same — am I right? You don't see life the same as you used to, even though you're not "in" that seeing right now. That's fine, it passes for everybody. And after it passes, the work inside you begins beneath your level of awareness of it. You can't go back now. You are steadily moving towards a more solid and more constant knowing that this ever-present peace is what you are. 

Aren't you already less reactive? More compassionate? Less apt to get stuck for days and weeks in a thought-scenario that upsets you? I remember when I could stay looped into a thought-story for weeks on end. Now, a thought is lucky if it can keep my interest for a few minutes. I didn't even do anything to bring that about, it's just a natural part of the seeker's evolution. 

The longing for a past state or experience is
suffering. I know exactly what you are talking about because I did it, too. There is a feeling of, "If only I were in that state again, everything would be perfect. Why can't I get it back? What am I doing wrong?" You aren't doing anything wrong. And the "gifted and grateful" feeling that you felt, you're right, that is a memory now. But what is not a memory is the peace that is here right now, when you pause a thought. You already know this peace, and it did not leave. It can't leave. It's what is constantly going in the background, unchanging. You, ever-present.

So I would encourage you to just not worry about any of this. If there is a longing for a past state, fine. Let that longing be. It will pass. Whatever comes up is fine. And then you will find after some time that the longing for that state no longer arises! It just stops by itself. 

Be easy on yourself. It's all good. Obviously you did diligent self-inquiry and worked hard to get to the point of those non-dual visions. That's huge! But those are stepping stones only. I honestly don't know of a single seeker/teacher who has not had the same experience: a wonderful state that lasts for some time, and then the passing of that state, and then a longing and a regret about "losing" it. You are not alone. Even your favorite teachers or YouTubers that you listen to — they've all been through this too! At some point, that longing is seen as suffering, and is let go. 

Let me know if this helped or if there is more to your question.

(Dear M, My replies to you bounced. I'm sorry I couldn't respond personally.)