All That is Really Here is I AM

There is no one real here to be upset by anything. To be agitated by anything. To want anything to change.

There is only me – awareness – and the appearance of experience which arises and passes. But when it arises, it gives the impression (as part of what arises) that the someone experiencing is a personal entity, and must take things personally, and get upset by things like injustices in the world.

I am
Experience arises in me
And changes
And passes
And still I am

Something reacts to the contents of the experience
It’s unjust! It needs to change! It’s wrong!
But “I am” is still all there is

That “one” who reacts is also arising
And changing
And passing
Thinking something different in the next moment
Forgetting all about the injustice
When something more exciting arises to capture the attention

All that is really here is “I am.”
The experience is free to be what it is
Arising from nothing and passing into nothing,
Leaving no trace.
Stay with “I am.”

Here is a wonderful video about this from my favorite YouTuber Sunny Sharma, "
Turn Your Attention Away From Mind."