Hello to old friends, and welcome to new ones!

What Never Changes started in 2006 as a non-duality website. What is it now? Well, it always seems to be evolving, and I would say that currently, its purpose is to validate the disillusionment people might be having about non-duality, and offer an alternative. Non-duality failed to deliver for me, to put it bluntly, and it took me a long time to admit that and move on.

I get teased sometimes about the name “What Never Changes,” since this website has been nothing if not ever-changing over the years. It has been militantly non-dual; it has documented doubts that have arisen; it has not been shy about revealing the pain and frustration that arose; and it has disappeared totally for years at a time. But the name still works. Why? Because through all these changes, only one thing has remained totally constant, and that is God.

Maybe a word about God is in order here. We’re living in a time of atheism. It’s not at all surprising, considering the value we place on science and materialism at this moment in history. Nothing against science, but there is a “scientism” that seems to have invalidated the idea of a transcendent God – everything can be explained by science, and anything that cannot doesn’t exist. Since God doesn’t exist as a thing in the world, he has become quite inaccessible for a large percentage of the population.

People want something more, though, than just the material. We gradually discover, to our chagrin, that what we really, truly long for cannot be satisfied by the world. Human beings have a natural longing for closeness or union with one, single, real, unchanging, unimpeachable good.

This unimpeachable good is real. It exists. Not in a form that can be understood, but it does. This is what we call God. But this is the supernatural we’re talking about – one has to be wiling to put at least a little bit of credence into the possibility of a non-material reality that underlies or co-exists with what we are able to see and perceive with our minds and senses.

God cannot be discerned with scientific instruments. He’s not a person, and he’s not a thing. What is he, then? He is this unimpeachable good. He is perfect love, endlessly, boundlessly, beyond our ability to understand. What does he do? He does nothing but love. God can’t help but pour out his endless love upon his creation, eternally. This means you are being loved, right now, with a love that is without end, without condition, and to be blunt about it, without your deserving it. This is the great mystery and the great blessing of God’s grace – you are loved, no matter what.

Receiving this love is a matter of having your heart open – that’s all! I mean, it sounds so simple, but this a really a lifetime project. We’ve all closed our hearts down for all kinds of reasons, justifiably. We’ve been hurt, and we refuse to be suckered into that again. So the opening of ones heart is a slow process, and there has to be a gradual build-up of trust. And it’s worth it.

I had dinner with a woman from my church last night. She put it this way – the fruit of this openness to God’s love is joy. That’s what you see in people, where God is present and working in their heart. You see the joy, and it’s unmistakable. Of course there is joy, if the heart is open and allowing God to bring his gifts of love and goodness!

I’ll be posting blogs and email exchanges, so keep visiting occasionally to see what’s never changing…